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Padang Bay

Padang Bai is also one of the great diving and snorkeling locations in Bali. From South Bali it is even possible to arrange a half-day trip to Padang Bay. Padang Bay includes famous sites like Blue Lagoon, Jepun and the Jetty. Your diving will be arranged with a private guide and a traditional wooden boat called a “Jukung”.


It is perfect dive site for all level of divers with its gentle slopping bottom from shallows to max 40 metres. Visit the little wreck lying at 25 metres alongside the artificial reef which is already populated with resident frog fish, leaf fish, scorpion and lion fish. Get ready to encounter the submarine and pose for people taking your picture as they see you enjoying the underwater world first hand!

Blue Lagoon

It is a sandy bottom starting from 3 metres, sloping down gently to around 40 metres plus. The sand provides great hunting ground for critters such as; sleeping cuttle fish, leaf fish, common seahorses and orangutan crabs hiding in the corals. 

Turtle Neck

This small white sand lagoon connected to the mini wall is for those who appreciate a combination of coral reef and muck diving. Healthy reefs full of a wide diversity of fish life set on sandy slopes with a rich variety of critters all in one dive site. 


The sandy bottom under the jetty has a maximum depth of 16 meters and is home to all kinds of little creatures. Get your head down and search for critters such as; frog fish, spiny devil fish, leaf fish, lion fish, nudibranch, octopus and many different pipe fish. Don’t forget to look up and admire the pillars covered by beautiful soft corals and schooling fish. This is the dive site not to miss if you are a macro lover or an underwater photographer.